Virtual Mobile Number Access Solutions

Partitionware’s virtual mobile number access solution is a powerful, scalable hub that allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to leverage one of their most valuable assets – MSISDNs – and create profitable new partnerships with Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers, as well as application-based and ‘Over The Top’ (OTT) service providers.

Mobile MSISDNs uniquely identify user phone numbers at a global level. They allow any mobile subscriber to reach any other fixed or mobile subscriber through this ubiquitous identifier, and vice versa. MSISDNs can also be realised as virtual mobile numbers, providing identities that can be used to connect with the global mobile or fixed subscriber base.

Virtual mobile numbers to build new value and partnerships

Many businesses, ranging from CPaaS providers and enterprises to providers of alternative communications services, wish to enable new means of communication with their customers, but they cannot break out from closed IP channels. Virtual Mobile Numbers provide a means to enable the seamless connectivity they need and to bridge internet and PSTN / PLMN domains. They create an opportunity for MNOs to offer a wide range of virtual mobile number services to support innovative applications:

  • Unique forms of customer engagement and interaction
  • SMS and voice interaction with IP applications
  • Enterprise BYOD management and control
  • SMS-enabled DDIs
  • Compliance to regulations such as MiFID II and Dodd Franks
  • Temporary and reusable numbers
  • Multiple mobile identities

Partitionware’s virtual mobile number hub is a powerful, proven and scalable solution, which can be offered as a fully managed service through our unique partnership model. It allows MNOs from around the world to offer highly differentiated wholesale VAS solutions, backed by the reach of the MSISDN to any business partner.

  • Easy partner on-boarding through API / SMPP and SIP
  • Differentiate wholesale VAS offers
  • Core network integration with vVLR
  • Bi-directional voice and messaging
  • Number portability
  • SMS home routing
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