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As an MVNE you need the assets and infrastructure to rapidly on-board and support your MVNO partners. With MVNOs becoming increasingly specialised, you need the ability to support a diverse service portfolio and the flexibility to accommodate different business models, across retail, B2B and M2M markets.

Partitionware provides a complete range of solutions that enable you to host the partners you need to drive business growth. We offer turnkey applications that enable rich services and the ability to customise offers to meet specialist requirements. Our support helps you ensure the success of your partners.

Deliver a compelling service portfolio across any network

Whether local or global, our assets and resources can help you deliver outstanding service to your MVNO partners, from niche to mainstream.

We provide the infrastructure you need that allows you to extend your resources and capabilities, leveraging our global partnerships to realise service ambitions, providing controlled, secure connectivity and interworking between mobile, Wi-Fi and Internet domains.

  • Powerful service composition for service flexibility
  • Pre- and post-paid charging with credit controls
  • Comprehensive, real-time accounting and billing
  • Network access through extensive partnerships
  • National and international roaming capabilities
  • Full MAP and CAMEL signalling services
  • Multi-tenancy to enable new partnerships

Shape the MVNO service you need

Reduce the cost of on-boarding new partners and accelerate their time to market with our MVNE solutions. They complement and extend your existing offers or provide the foundation of a new MVNE business.

  • Create, manage and support MVNO offers
  • Enable OTT provider access to mobile networks
  • Retail, B2B and M2M service enablement
  • Full cost control
  • Support white-labelled services and partners
  • Offer EAP Wi-Fi access

Our experts will help design your service and ensure that you can do so with each MVNO, which means you can extend your business. Our innovation will help realise your partners’ ideas, allowing you to give them the support and flexibility they need to support an evolving, targeted range of services.

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Collaboration, every step of the way

We work with our partners to ensure that their service ideas are brought to life, covering every aspect in a collaborative process, from initial idea, to concept and full realisation with commercial and service launch. It’s a well-defined process that ensures rapid delivery and provides ongoing innovation and support.

  • You have a great idea…

    Tell us what you’re trying to do

  • Together we work out the details…

    We discuss, define and scope your project

  • We’ll help you build it…

    We use our assets to realise the solution

  • Launch to market

    We get you to market and back you when live

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