Partitionware Diameter Signalling Control and Gateway Solutions

Diameter Signalling Control and Gateway Solutions

Diameter is rapidly becoming the key interface of next generation networks. It’s fundamental to charging, policy control and enforcement (AAA capabilities), as well as other functions that are critical to the operation of IMS, LTE, VoLTE, and new 5G networks.

In addition to flexible Diameter capabilities, Partitionware provides network modules, which offer a range of Diameter capabilities to meet different requirements and core use cases.


  • Diameter: RFC 6733 (over TCP)
  • Configurable AVP
  • XML-based API
  • Diameter / MAP IWF
  • Diameter Credit Control (RFC 4006)
  • 3GPP compliant

Diameter Edge Agent

A Diameter Edge Agent or DEA is a key infrastructure element that helps to securely protect 4G networks. It enables access from external sources, while ensuring the integrity of the Diameter traffic it conveys. In addition to protecting the border boundary, it can also manage load balancing to smoothly manage traffic flows.

Partitionware’s Diameter platform enables a wide range of use cases, including the interconnection of non-3GPP compliant systems with core signalling platforms, such as Online Charging Systems (OCS) for prepaid control. This can be achieved via an interworking function (IWF) with legacy signalling protocols, such as MAP or via API integration.

It is used by service providers to enable access to their LTE core or for third parties, such as MVNOs to connect to LTE and IMS nodes and provides a valuable bridge, extending the value of existing solutions while bringing the benefits of connectivity to NGN networks.

Diameter Routing Agent

With continued growth of Diameter traffic expected, managing Diameter messaging flows between different elements has become increasingly complex. The Diameter Routing Agent, or DRA simplifies this challenge by providing secure, real-time control over Diameter messages, ensuring that they are reliably delivered to the correct network element.

Diameter Signalling Controller

The Diameter Signalling Controller helps protect networks against signalling overload and combines DEA and DRA functionality to deliver load-balancing and secure routing. It is designed to ensure that networks can scale with the surge in Diameter-based signalling that has emerged with the huge growth in LTE devices.

Partitionware’s Diameter portfolio is capable of meeting all Diameter use cases. It is fully virtualised and offers highly scalable performance for the NGN. It can also ensure the delivery of convergent solutions that serve legacy and future networks, across all domains.

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