IoT and M2M

M2M and IoT services are exploding and there is a growing opportunity for MNOs, MVNOs and others to offer innovative applications. At the same time, service diversity is growing, attracting new entrants to the market.

M2M services can be complex or simple, but whatever the service offered, every transaction must be tracked, collected and billed accurately and the service needs to be created and launched, quickly and easily. Partitionware helps bring innovative new M2M services to market and provides the accurate accounting they need to ensure success.

Rapidly launch and support M2M and IoT applications

Partitionware provides a complete, managed Billing Support System (BSS) for any kind of M2M and IoT service, as well as abstracted access to complex mobile networks and granular service composition, creation and launch.

Our proven carrier-grade BSS assets, together with rich network integration enable accurate billing of any IoT and M2M service, for even the simplest transactions.

  • Comprehensive, real-time accounting and billing
  • Full credit control and rate limiting
  • Fixed location or mobile asset tracking
  • SMS & USSD options
  • Multi-IMSI for national and international roaming
  • Agnostic to radio network access
  • Virtual APNs

Support the new IoT ecosystem

The M2M ecosystem is rapidly evolving, with many potential providers, from MNOs and MVNOs to enterprise service providers. Partitionware supports all business models, from direct sales to indirect resellers, with an unlimited range of multi-tenancy options, providing the business flexibility you need to reach your customers and to build new partnerships.

  • Manage and support an IoT portfolio
  • On-board new partners easily
  • Enable billing for 3rd party services
  • Rich multi-tenancy options
  • White label M2M management
  • Avoid costly billing disputes

Launch valuable M2M and IoT applications and help your partners to do so. We give you full control and will help you design and implement the right approach to get you to market, fast.

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Collaboration, every step of the way

We work with our partners to ensure that their service ideas are brought to life, covering every aspect in a collaborative process, from initial idea, to concept and full realisation with commercial and service launch. It’s a well-defined process that ensures rapid delivery and provides ongoing innovation and support.

  • You have a great idea…

    Tell us what you’re trying to do

  • Together we work out the details…

    We discuss, define and scope your project

  • We’ll help you build it…

    We use our assets to realise the solution

  • Launch to market

    We get you to market and back you when live

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