Partitionware offers a unique approach. It’s a partnership model that focuses on the outcomes and ambitions desired by our customers. By using our core technology enablement modules, we enable you to access advanced service capabilities through a unique managed service delivery model.

Flexible service deployment models

All of Partitionware’s solutions are offered through a unique managed services model. This means you secure access to the solution to your business or technical challenge, without the additional headache of having to take care of it. Our team manages everything for you, so there’s no need to reassign resources or change any internal procedures. We work closely with you to ensure you maximise the benefits while minimising the costs and overheads.

This means that you can deploy your resources more efficiently and ensure your investments are directed to where they are most needed.

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Deployment that suits your needs

We will deploy and operate the solution either from a secure public data centre, or from private facilities, such as our customers’ premises. We have a number of existing data centre partners, and can establish new facilities based on customer requirements and markets. We take care of the process, the integration with your network assets and ensure that 24x7 support is available. It’s all part of the package.

Connections to build success

When you choose Partitionware, you choose a reliable, trustworthy partner that is committed to working closely with you. It’s a long-term approach that brings lasting benefits. Since our success is dependent on yours, we work hard to ensure results.

  • Leverage our relationships

    As a result of our long history and experience, we’ve built up strong relationships with carriers and network operators. This means that we can bring you the benefits of our connections to introduce you to new partnerships.

  • Unlock new opportunites

    Working with Partitionware can open the gates to new markets, allowing you to extend your services to new territories and customers. At the same time, this can also help ensure you have access to the widest possible set of network partners and assets, which adds value to your solution. It helps you grow and develop your business and unlocks new opportunities.

  • True partnership

    This unique approach adds value at all stages of our relationship – from the design of an initial concept to ultimate success and growth of your service solution. We bring you much more than simply a product, allowing you to focus on innovation and to make the most of your resources.

Got an opportunity you want to discuss?

Working with

Collaboration, every step of the way

We work with our partners to ensure that their service ideas are brought to life, covering every aspect in a collaborative process, from initial idea, to concept and full realisation with commercial and service launch. It’s a well-defined process that ensures rapid delivery and provides ongoing innovation and support.

  • You have a great idea…

    Tell us what you’re trying to do

  • Together we work out the details…

    We discuss, define and scope your project

  • We’ll help you build it…

    We use our assets to realise the solution

  • Launch to market

    We get you to market and back you when live

What our customers say about us

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    “I don’t just consider Partitionware a supplier but a valuable consultancy that I can trust. They certainly know we are the customer too... Their responses are prompt, comprehensive and always have an answer. Can’t praise them enough and if only every supplier was like this, life would be very sweet indeed.”

    Ian Farrell

    Business Development Manager - MVNO

  • “The Partitionware team has given us the flexibility and agility we need to offer the best service to our MVNO customers. We have a compelling offer, but we needed the right partner to realise our vision. Partitionware’s technical excellence, network assets and commercial support has proven to be the perfect recipe to achieve this.”

    David Sutton


  • iRingU logo

    “Innovation is at the heart of our business and that means we need partners that can deliver. Partitionware gives us innovation and more – their approach, their expertise and their unique business models mean that we can more easily deliver valuable services to our customers. Their solutions have enabled us to deliver rich communications offers to our traveller and retail partners – and their reach smoothes service delivery around the world.”

    Haim Boukai


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