Partitionware Service Capability Exposure Function Gateway

Service Capability Exposure Function Gateway

The dramatic growth of IoT devices has led to a number of key network innovations that are required to enable support for the volume and frequency of transactions. Most IoT devices are only required to provide infrequent data transfer requests, but they must also be deployed in the field for many years. This has led to the emergence of low-power connectivity options, to minimise power consumption and to extend operational lifespans, such as Nb-IoT.

However, the proliferation of cellular IoT devices will lead to a significant increase in overall volumes of data – as well as significant security concerns. To address this, 3GPP has defined a new entity, the Service Capability Exposure Function, or SCEF. Partitionware now offers SCEF gateway capabilities to ensure the secure operation of massive cellular IoT services and optimised data flows.

Service Capability Exposure Function Gateway


  • Data-flow control
  • Network-based control against DDoS attacks
  • Automates NIDD configuration requests
  • Authenticates UE and AS registration for secure data transfer
  • Establish, control and enforce security policies for UE activity
  • Prevent IP-based applications from accessing UEs
  • Real-time processing and reporting for IoT application services

Instead of establishing IP connections for data transfer from cellular IoT devices, Nb-IoT makes use of Non-IP Data Delivery NIDD) using Non-access Stratum (NAS) signalling. This allows low volume but frequent transfer of data, without intensive power consumption requirements.

The SCEF provides a secure gateway interface between deployed cellular IoT devices (UE) and application servers that process and control the information. The secure interface means that the attack vector surface is minimised, allowing MNOs to easily scale and protect their IoT applications, while offering access to third-party IoT service providers.

Partitionware’s SCEF gateway solution provides a scalable resource with secure RESTful APIs for interconnection with IoT service provider application servers. It offers security and allows MNOs to quickly offer protected IoT applications from the cloud.

The SCEF gateway supports:

  • Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD)
  • API interworking for Application Server attachment

Partitionware’s SCEF gateway solution is available from the cloud and provides a simple way to add new IoT capabilities to an MNO’s portfolio while capitalising on low-power connectivity options.

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