Network Extension

Business travellers often adopt multiple applications to facilitate communication when they are abroad. They may use one of a range of OTT services to avoid roaming charges when travelling, particularly when Wi-Fi access is available.

In such cases, the user may not be accessible via their standard mobile identity, so that they are unavailable for receiving or making mobile calls and messages. This can be a particular problem in closed environments where there is no conventional mobile access, such as when flying and using on-board Wi-Fi services.

Enable secure, trusted mobile and Wi-Fi integration

Partitionware can enable full integration between managed Wi-Fi capabilities and conventional mobile networks, with appropriate levels of authentication to enable users to register in different domains.

Integration can also be extended to a dedicated subscriber application, which enables voice and messaging services via Wi-Fi. This ensures that users can be available to send and receive mobile SMS and voice calls via their public mobile identities.

  • Secure Wi-Fi authentication via standard 3GPP procedures
  • Retain and use existing SIM credentials
  • Integration with mobile network databases
  • Session encryption over Wi-Fi
  • SMS delivery and sending over Wi-Fi
  • User account management

Secure, seamless communication

Delivering secure, seamless communication for business travellers creates new revenue opportunities and ensures they can stay in touch, using their public mobile identity. It protects them and means they do not need to divulge other identities that they may wish to keep private. Partitionware can provide a complete solution, offering seamless convergence.

  • Wi-Fi / mobile convergence so customers never miss calls
  • Preserve public mobile identity for all contacts
  • Extend mobile to closed or public Wi-Fi, securely
  • Seamless user experience
  • Help business travellers avoid roaming charges
  • Includes full accounting and billing data

Offer a complete, seamless service to travellers that ensures they can be reached on their mobiles when on Wi-Fi, in closed environments or when normal mobile roaming is disabled. We’ll help you design and launch the service, getting you to market fast and providing a platform for further service innovation.

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