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Opportunities for new entrants to offer mobile services are growing rapidly. Innovators seeking to capitalise on these opportunities need to be able to quickly and efficiently launch new services, while controlling their costs.

Mobile markets can be intensely competitive which means that services must be differentiated to ensure their success. Partitionware provides a complete range of solutions that help entrepreneurs and innovators launch new mobile offers as MVNOs, without the costs associated with ownership of network assets and infrastructure.

Service innovation to support business innovation

Partitionware’s proven record of innovation and ability to bring services to life for our partners provides the template for your success.

We have the assets and infrastructure to enable us to realise your ideas and to ensure that they deliver the performance and stability they demand. We offer a compelling mix of technology, network access and rich service composition capabilities that you need.

  • Powerful service composition for service flexibility
  • Pre- and post-paid charging with credit controls
  • Comprehensive, real-time accounting and billing
  • Network access through extensive partnerships
  • National and international roaming capabilities
  • Multi-tenancy to enable new partnerships

Shape the MVNO service you need

Whichever market you seek to address, we can help you with retail, B2B or M2M offers. Our experience allows you to focus on your business challenge while we shape the service and portfolio you need. With comprehensive partner management capabilities, you can build the partnerships you need to thrive, while controlling your costs and evolving your offers to match emerging requirements.

  • Create, manage and support MVNO offers
  • Service, offer and subscriber management
  • Retail, B2B and M2M service enablement
  • Rich multi-tenancy options
  • Support white-labelled services and partners
  • Full cost control

Talk to Partitionware to find out how to easily design and launch compelling MVNO offers. Our global solutions provide the scale, flexibility and granularity you need to reach your markets and customers.

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Collaboration, every step of the way

We work with our partners to ensure that their service ideas are brought to life, covering every aspect in a collaborative process, from initial idea, to concept and full realisation with commercial and service launch. It’s a well-defined process that ensures rapid delivery and provides ongoing innovation and support.

  • You have a great idea…

    Tell us what you’re trying to do

  • Together we work out the details…

    We discuss, define and scope your project

  • We’ll help you build it…

    We use our assets to realise the solution

  • Launch to market

    We get you to market and back you when live

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