Partitionware Home Location Register and HLR Proxy Enablement Framework

Home Location Register and HLR Proxy Enablement Framework from Partitionware

Many of today’s Home Location Register (HLR) solutions are no longer fit for purpose. That’s because they were typically designed to handle subscriber registration for classical mobile services on 2G and 3G networks. But things have changed, and a number of factors mean that many operators are struggling with inflexible solutions that cannot maintain pace with the evolution of their networks.

Partitionware offers a new range of HLR and HLR Proxy Enablement solutions, designed to help operators quickly and easily update and extend their HLR assets, so that they can avoid costly and disruptive replacement programmes, while keeping pace with new service demands.

Home Location Register and HLR Proxy Enablement Framework from Partitionware

Features include:

  • Extend HLR capacity to support IoT devices and profiles
  • Enable multi-IMSI services
  • Support GSM / SIP convergence
  • Offer IMSI translation / proxy capabilities
  • Launch smart steering services
  • Extend legacy networks to ensure 4G LTE compatibility

Unique enablement framework

The unique enablement framework allows new use cases to be met and to ensure that operators can capitalise on new service demands.

Compliant with GSM, UMTS and LTE standards, the solution range is virtualised and completely scalable. All components are fully compatible with other elements from the Partitionware portfolio, which allows novel architectures to be easily provided, with customisation to suit specific needs.

  • No hardware to deploy
  • Fully virtual
  • Standards-based
  • Web-API control and access
  • Cloud-based, in a secure environment with global reach

Flexibility and Agility

Partitionware’s HLR and HLR Proxy Enablement solutions allows established providers to introduce innovative new services from a secure, globally available cloud-hosted solution, or for new entrants to quickly and easily leverage essential HLR functionality. It offers flexibility and agility, while avoiding the rigid, monolithic architecture of legacy platforms

Benefit from our unique approach

If you want to enhance and extend legacy HLR solutions, through a flexible framework, backed by an innovative managed services model, why not get in touch?

Find out more with our case studies and service examples.

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