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Internet and OTT applications need to be able to communicate with mobile subscribers, for both voice and messaging services. To achieve this, an alias mobile identity is required, allowing the Internet or OTT application to appear to mobile subscribers as just another mobile user.

Partitionware provides a complete solution for the seamless interworking of voice and SMS messages between mobile and Internet domains, so that Internet and OTT applications can interact easily with mobile devices. By using numbers that are reserved from a public mobile network, the Internet or OTT application acts as an MVNO, with full mobile access.

Provide new forms of interaction possibility, extending your reach

Interworking between Internet and OTT applications and mobile subscribers unlocks a range of new interaction possibilities. For example, an OTT service provider can send order acknowledgement and update notifications to a customer’s mobile device, or enable an agent to speak customers via their mobiles.

Because the user receives the notification via a classical mobile number, they can respond more easily and more naturally, and without the need to be on a data network.

  • Full interworking between Internet and mobile domains
  • Location update procedure to determine availability
  • Voice calls between Internet and mobile devices
  • SMS interaction between Internet apps and mobile users
  • SMPP access from Internet domain
  • Seamless A2P / P2P communication across mobile and Internet domains

Create new partnerships

The solution allows the creation of new partnerships between mobile service providers and Internet and OTT applications, increasing traffic and building new commercial models. It’s an innovative approach to building cooperation between different domains and helping mobile users access valuable services.

  • Collaborate with internet and OTT applications
  • Access global mobile subscribers quickly and easily
  • Enable mobile interaction for dating, gaming and other applications
  • Increase message delilvery and call completion rates
  • Support B2C, B2B and M2M service interaction from the cloud
  • Build new commercial partnerships

Our proven solution can be adopted in a unique managed service model, allowing partners to quickly access mobile users and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Tell us what service you need to enable and we can show you how you can extend your business to drive growth.

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