Partitionware CAMEL Signalling Gateway

High performance, flexible CAMEL signalling gateway

The Partitionware CAMEL Gateway is an Intelligent Network (IN) component, providing a Service Control Function (SCF) to interact with other mobile network elements. It is activated by triggering from the mobile sub-system when, for example, a user initiates a call.

It is ideal for creating closed user groups, mobile PBX extensions or other converged services. Using call rerouting, services such as mobile call recording or call home-routing/least-cost-routing can be easily provided.

Develop a range of pre and post-paid services

Typical applications include:

  • Billing gateway
  • Closed user group functionality, such as VPN
  • Mobile call recording
  • Home routing
  • Least cost routing
  • Voicemail access
  • Call screening
  • Pre-paid services / real-time charging control

Supported features include:

  • Call accept / reject
  • Permitted call duration
  • Low Balance warning tones (Pre-Pay)
  • Mobile Originated Call
  • Mobile Terminated Call
  • Call redirection e.g. diversion, IVR access, low balance, short-code dialling, international call gateway
  • Presented CLI manipulation
  • Real-time call completion reporting (outcome / duration)
  • Pre-paid services / real-time charging control

Ideal for advanced mobile application development

CAMEL is a key enabler for a wide range of real-time pre- and post-paid services in mobile networks. Based on IN signalling principles, CAMEL includes specialised features that are adapted to the unique needs of mobile subscribers. It can be used to drive advanced functionality in voice, messaging and data, through initiating service capabilities, and manipulation of call parameters.

The CAMEL Gateway currently supports CAMEL Phase 1 and Phase 2 voice services and can be customised to support proprietary extensions. When combined with other Partitionware platforms, it can be used to facilitate the creation of a full end-to-end mobile pre-pay service or a hybrid post-pay service.

Benefit from a range of deployment models

The CAMEL functionality is exposed to external systems via an XML API interface. Call requests are generated through the API, and sent to the defined service. The XML allows for full control of voice calls and onward call handling.

We can provide on-premise installations, as well as through our unique managed services model with the CAMEL Signalling Gateway being available as a SaaS solution, with pay-as-you-go transaction-based charging.

The CAMEL Signalling Gateway is a key element for ensuring service migration and performance in 4G networks, allowing operators to deliver converged services from a common infrastructure.

NGN Convergence

MAP signalling gateway diagram

A critical element in IMS and VoLTE networks

CAMEL remains a critical element for service delivering in NGN IMS and VoLTE networks. The CAMEL Signalling Gateway is an essential element for ensuring service delivery and a consistent experience for operators and users. For example, a VoLTE subscriber may need to access services enabled by CAMEL when attaching via 3G or other generations of mobile network.

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