Partitionware Diameter and Radius Agent

Diameter and Radius Agent solutions

Diameter and Radius fulfil key AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) functions in core fixed and mobile network. They are important protocols that enable interaction and information exchange between entities of the fixed and mobile core, as well as providing the means to deliver policy functions.

Diameter provides a next-generation replacement for capabilities that had been enabled by specialised SS7 signalling, such as TCAP, and plays a fundamental role in LTE and VoLTE service delivery. It is widely used to facilitate IMS-based services and is also the successor for Radius.

Next generation capabilities

Compliant with core standards:

  • Diameter: RFC 6733 (over TCP)
  • Radius: RFC 2865 and 2866

Typical configurations include:

  • Diameter Routing Agent
  • Radius Server
  • Diameter Proxy
  • Diameter Redirect Function
  • Diameter and Radius Conversion

Comprehensive Diameter and Radius implementations

Attributes can be defined through configuration, which means those defined in any related RFC can be supported. We offer comprehensive implementations of Diameter and Radius, which enable delivery of a wide range of network functions. Performance is related to the platform used for deployment but can very easily scale to more than 1000 requests per second.

Diameter and Radius transactions are converted to XML notifications, for processing by applications. In addition, specific applications, such as Diameter Credit Control (defined in RFC 4006) can be supported, as can others defined by 3GPP.

Add functionality to your portfolio

Partitionware’s Diameter and Radius Agent solutions are the foundation of key components that can be used in pre- and post-paid charging platforms, for enabling interconnection with policy servers, a wide range of accounting functions and also for verification of subscriber and profile data.

If you need access to Diameter or Radius enabled services and elements, Partitionware provides a simple means to add this functionality to your network and service portfolio.

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