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How to get started with the Internet of Things as an MVNO

IoT is a key investment priority for MNOs but while they may be focused on their own service capabilities, many recognise that others have a part to play. Similarly, many innovators have great ideas to offer IoT services, but need connectivity partners and the billing and operational capabilities they can bring. The problem is that many MNOs cannot enable such partners - and many innovators can’t find the capabilities they need.

The IoT is seen by many as a significant revenue opportunity. While many IoT service are low value and may not require true network connectivity, many others will, whether through licensed or unlicensed spectrum. As a result, many of the larger Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are seeking to launch and support their own portfolio of IoT services or to enable service connectivity for other partners.

In fact, in their new report, the team at Intelligence (“Annual Industry Survey, 2017”) state that more than 55% of operators surveyed see IoT as their investment priority for 2018, which means we can expect to see a rush of activities.

At the same time, many smaller companies have developed compelling ideas for IoT services or for service management capabilities. They are eager to enter the market but may not have the connections or leverage to work directly with MNOs. Similarly, some MNOs are keen to on-board such partners, recognising that they can reach niches that may be hard for MNOs to access directly, but they do not have the capabilities to support new IoT-focused MVNO partners.

In both cases, there is a need for a way in which MNOs can work with smaller, niche providers and for innovative companies with great ideas for IoT services can realise them and bring them to market – and then successfully back them with commercial billing capabilities to ensure that revenues are collected.

The answer is to talk to Partitionware. We offer a complete platform that is optimised for the needs of IoT service billing and performance, allowing both MNOs to support new IoT partners and for new entrants to access the business support systems they need. It’s also backed by a wide range of partnerships, which can even enable roaming and connectivity options to extend coverage options and enable access to new markets.

So, if you are thinking of a new IoT service or project that requires flexible connectivity and don’t know how to get started, why not talk to us or download our White Paper? Our experts will help you realise your vision, backed by an innovation-friendly approach?

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