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Partitionware and IVR Technologies partner to enable flexible Diameter support for real-time billing control of innovative value-added services

Diameter Access Gateway enables innovation in real-time charging and policy control

Douglas, Isle of Man, 16th January, 2017 – Partitionware, a trusted network partner to service providers around the world, and IVR Technologies, a leading software development company offering enhanced services and real-time billing solutions for mobile, satellite and next generation VoIP service providers, today announced a new partnership, centred on Partitionware’s innovative Diameter Access Gateway solution.

Diameter is a key protocol in next generation networks, providing the communications interface to enable billing and other services in LTE, IMS and VoLTE networks. Partitionware’s Diameter Access Gateway enables deep integration with Diameter-based real-time (Online) charging solutions and is an essential component that enables complex billing capabilities for the enhanced services that IVR Technologies delivers.

The Diameter Access Gateway masks the complexity of underlying Diameter signalling, across a range of interfaces, such as Ro and Gy, and presents a consistent, XML-based API interface to enable integration with key BSS (Business Support Systems) resources for enhanced service solutions. This allows them to access and provide real-time billing information, and to apply relevant charging and policy control.

“Real-time charging is fundamental to the success of a wide range of pre-paid services and subscriber account control,” said Barry Sher, Co-founder and SVP Business Development of IVR Technologies. “With the shift to Diameter gathering momentum, we needed to be able to easily extend our platform to enable connectivity to Diameter-based solutions in LTE and IMS-based networks. Partitionware gives us this capability, with minimal impact on our existing architecture. This builds on the success of our existing joint deployments, which include connectivity to MAP / CAMEL network interfaces.”

Diameter is fundamental to a wide range of services, from today’s voice and video applications to emerging IoT use cases, which demand innovative pricing and policy control. The Diameter Access Gateway is service agnostic, allowing IVR Technologies to explore new use cases and to extend its service portfolio to embrace new opportunities.

The partnership is founded not only on technical excellence, but also in the uniquely flexible model adopted by Partitionware, as Mike Bromwich, CEO of Partitionware explains. “We’re able to back the Diameter Access Gateway with a range of flexible deployment models and competitive pricing, which means that it can fit any opportunity and any network. Working with IVR Technologies will allow us to bring our adaptive Diameter solutions to more networks and to service more opportunities globally,” he added.

About Partitionware

Partitionware enables API-driven access to complex signalling in mobile networks, providing a bridge for innovation, new services, and connecting mobile and internet domains. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Vannin Ventures, a Manx Telecom Group PLC company, we are a trusted network partner to service providers around the world, offering expertise in designing, developing, launching and operating innovative communications services that enable the rapid delivery of new and profitable services. Our experience covers many sectors within the communications industry, including mobile roaming; M2M & IoT; fixed to mobile convergence; and CPaaS. For more than a decade, we have worked with some of the industry’s fastest growing service providers.

About IVR Technologies

IVR Technologies is a leading software development company in the mobile, satellite and next-generation carrier network for enhanced services and real-time billing solutions. Please send reader inquiries to: [email protected]

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