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Partitionware joins Comfone partner programme, boosting Virtual Mobile Numbering Hub solution and enabling universal voice and messaging access for CPaaS providers, enterprises and brands

Partnership helps MNOs, MVNx providers capitalise on surging CPaaS market

Partitionware is pleased to announce that we have joined Comfone’s partnership programme, a move which builds on our existing relationship and highlights growing interest in our joint Virtual Mobile Numbering Hub solution.

According to analyst firm, IDC, the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market is set to surge, reaching $8.2 billion by 2021. Momentum has grown and the voice and messaging CPaaS market is moving mainstream. This growth is being fuelled by CPaaS providers, enterprises and brands that are seeking to engage with their customers through voice and messaging channels. To reach the widest possible customer base, CPaaS providers and others need to add mobile voice and messaging capabilities to their portfolio.

This offers significant advantages when compared to IP messaging, as mobile voice and messaging can reach more users and do not depend on any in-application communication. They provide a ubiquitous means through which CPaaS providers and enterprises can interact with customers; offer global delivery; and enable businesses to provide a series of notifications, alerts and feedback mechanisms.

Traditional mobile network operators (MNOs) and their virtual peers (MVNOs) have a crucial role to play in this ecosystem, as they can leverage an over-looked asset, the mobile phone number, or MSISDN. Mobile phone numbers provide a universal identity which can be used to interact with customers. MNOs are seeking to capitalise on the growth of the CPaaS sector by offering their exclusive number capabilities to external partners, both through other CPaaS providers and also directly to enterprises and brands.

But while the opportunity is huge, many MNOs need help to on-board enterprise and other customers that need a mobile identity to enable bi-directional communication. To help MNOs and MVNOs to capitalise on this, Comfone and Partitionware have partnered to offer a highly scalable, flexible framework that enables MNOs and MVNOs to connect with CPaaS and other providers and to access Comfone’s global voice and messaging delivery network. Similarly, it allows CPaaS and other providers to connect with MNOs and MVNOs to reach their customers.

The Virtual Mobile Number Hub enables all stakeholders to leverage Comfone’s infrastructure and to securely and easily connect with those who need to obtain voice and messaging access. It provides interfaces, such as SIP, SMPP and web services APIs, which allows CPaaS and enterprises to integrate with familiar techniques, while the complex SS7 signalling is handled by Partitionware and Comfone.

It’s a unique service that allows MNOs and MVNOs to offer virtual mobile numbers through existing signalling interconnection with Comfone. In turn, these can be offered to CPaaS providers and other enterprise partners, without investment in infrastructure. Partitionware enables this service through our unique vVLR solution, which allows national MSISDNs to be roamed to the hosted infrastructure and made accessible as virtual mobile numbers to partners that need mobile identities for the delivery of voice and messages and to interact with customers.

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