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CPaaS markets set to surge – complete your service portfolio with an agile partner

The CPaaS market is set to boom, driven by the growing need of businesses to integrate voice and messaging solutions into other services and applications. As a result, existing providers are growing rapidly, while others are seeking to enter the market. But, how can they quickly and easily grow capabilities to ensure they can really capitalise on demand for CPaaS solutions?

Recent research has highlighted the rapid growth expected in the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market. Analysts IDC predict that it will exceed $8billion within the next three years, surging from a base of just $867 in 2016. This is an exciting opportunity and it’s one that has attracted a number of new entrants.

While there are established players, that helped to shape this market, there are others that are pivoting from their current role as service providers to position as enablers. In other words, they seek to extend their capabilities so that by offering APIs, they can enable their customers to innovate and to define new services.

That makes sense, because, increasingly, businesses need to blend communications (voice and messaging) capabilities with other services, particularly those driven from the cloud. As a result, exposing APIs offers a means to allow them to drive the specific integrations they need, while helping the service provider move from the delivery of commoditised voice and messaging services.

However, this transition isn’t always easy to achieve. API-enabling an existing voice platform might be a relatively simple step, but adding rich messaging features as well as the network connectivity required to ensure global delivery is more complex. Similarly, those with established messaging businesses may lack the control of the underlying platforms or may not have access to the voice support they will need to enable CPaaS offers.

That’s why would-be CPaaS providers need agile partners to help them with this evolution. They need to be able to plug gaps in their service portfolio, so that they can create a comprehensive offer, spanning voice, messaging and more. With the right partners to help them achieve this, CPaaS providers can focus on their enterprise customers and ensure that they receive the support and evolving propositions to make them thrive.

Partitionware offers a range of solutions designed to help CPaaS providers achieve the voice and messaging connectivity they need. If you are trying to capitalise on the shift to APIs, then you will need some help. Contact Partitionware to see how we can help support your CPaaS journey or to evolve your existing offers.

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